We Help Hospitality Businesses Thrive

Welcome to SideWork. 
We are owner-operators who've worked in nearly every single position in the hospitality industry. 
We've guided businesses from opening one store to selling a group of 13 units and 7 concepts. 
The goal of our work here at SideWork is to help you prioritize all those balls you're juggling for the most profitable impact.
And very possibly never lose a customer again!  


You're here because you're ready to open your own business, you're not entirely certain where to begin and you need some personalized guidance and ultimately, assurance.


Your doors are open, you've been operating for a while now, but you feel as if you could be doing better, especially in managing your day-to-day. Let us help you prioritize. 


You're ready for the next step. You've got an opportunity in front of you that you know you should consider, but you're not sure of the strategic plan that's best for your current situation.  

Starting and running your own business, while exciting and empowering, can leave you feeling paralyzed by choice and alone in your work. Partnership with us at SideWork means you’re no longer alone when you need to find answers to your most pressing business issues. It gives you, the small business owner, a trusted community of people you can turn to for help, support and honest feedback on all aspects of your business.

Launched in July 2018 by Angie and Joe Sorge, it’s the right resource for you if you’re starting a new business, already running one, or looking for new ways to grow and manage your business. 

We also want to learn from you, connect with you, and get to know your business as we build this extensive online resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We'll feature articles, resources, interviews, webinars and the unique opportunity to learn from the collective experience of business owners who are all working hard to grow and evolve their businesses for less stress and more profit.

Our Experience
39 Restaurants
9216 Days
1152 Months
96 Years
Albert Einsten

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Says our friend Albert Einstein. We understand you can barely find time to breathe, eat, have a life outside of your restaurant. Let us help show you how to be more efficient, happier and more profitable all at the same time.