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Welcome to SideWork. We're a team of three restaurant owners and operators who've worked in every single position in a restaurant imaginable. We've guided restaurants from our opening our first unit to selling a group of 23 units. The goal of our work here at SideWork is to help make things LESS STRESSFUL! 

The focus of our work with you can be described in three main areas: 
-We help guide prospective restaurant owners through the entire startup process. 
-We coach current restaurant owners and operators through refinement of their systems to make better use of their time and money. 
-And we're here to help you grow your business by taking advantage of all the opportunities that typically come along for successful restaurateurs.

Our Combined Experience
39 Restaurants
9216 Days
1152 Months
96 Years

Essentially your About page has two jobs:
(1.) Get new readers excited to have found you.
(2.) Send them to the right place.

There are a million creative ways to format your About page, but there are a few sections I consider for each page I write:

  1. A Value Proposition
  2. A Day Dream
  3. A Differentiator
  4. A Story
  5. An Offering
  6. A Call to Action