Q & A – Employee performance system


Do you have an attendance/performance point system for employees?

The best employee performance system that we’ve found is something called a “contact book”. This can be deployed in any way you like, but here’s the concept.

-Put together a simple 3 ring binder with a lined sheet of paper for every employee that you have, alphabetically and by the department.
-As part of the responsibilities of the manager who’s just completed any service shift, he/she must complete at least 3 contacts: One positive, One Negative and One Neutral. That is, he/she must comment on the performance of 3 staff members at minimum per shift.

What you’ll find rather quickly, is that candidates for promotion rise to the top quite quickly and those that you recognize you probably shouldn’t move forward with are even more obvious.

The reason this works so well is that you’re requiring it of every manager, several sets of eyes. And if you can get those same managers into the habit of checking the contact book regularly for updated info, the average employee’s stellar performance or habitual lateness doesn’t go unrecognized.

Action items must follow, of course.


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