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I spent a small fortune when I built my new place on HVAC approx 13yrs ago. We installed an ARES tempered makeup air system for the kitchen that uses a gas fired furnace to “heat” the makeup air during winter months and an evaporative cooler to “cool” the makeup air during summer months (most of the year we just vent the outside air to save money when the temps are comfortable). In the dining room we had a local contractor recommend a hydro-air system with air handlers in our drop ceiling and a Peerless boiler that we also use for our hot water. We have upgraded our exhaust fans in recent years and have been having problems with the makeup air unit. Furthermore, I am told that the gas for all 3 condensors for our dining room A/C is soon to be outlawed and cannot get replacement condensors. My buddy told me that this is a HUGE job as all the handlers would have to be replaced as well.

I guess my question is if anyone else is in this situation where they re-invested in a new system and any advice they would have to do it right the second time around (split systems, etc.) Not sure at what point it has it gone past it useful life so I am looking for any advice.


Sorry to hear about this, I definitely know the feeling.

First off, have you asked to have your fully adjusted on the make-up air to get more volume out of it? Sometimes that will do the trick.

As for the potential replacement system, I will say that the technology has come a long way in the last 15 years and you should find the work less expensive than it would have been. One place to save some dollars is with friends that are plumbers and electricians, there’s a bunch of connections and modifications that will likely have to be made to the system as well. DO NOT allow the HVAC contractor to sub the trades, they’ll mark it up on top of their cost.

Lastly, I’d probably have to have a discussion with building ownership (if it isn’t you), as this work will likely stay in place far after you’re gone from the building. This is an improvement to the BUILDING too. At minimum, I’d try to negotiate for a generous lease extension to help cover the costs.


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