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#ktco year-end realization

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Recently I was preparing a year-end recap of our weekly show on The Pulse Network, Kitchen Table Talks, and in doing so I’m finding a very common thread. 

There are a few of the stories that began with some sort of crisis or a tough situation, but they made it out, they survived, and in each case they ultimately persevered. They took risks, they were afraid and uncertain of their future. Sounds a lot like you, doesn’t it? Sounds a lot like all of us.

The common thread I’m finding isn’t about the business concepts that got them where they are today, or even that they all seem to mention a solid business plan as part of their successful launch. Nope. What I’m noticing most is an overwhelming attitude of optimism and how much our guests over this last year just flat out enjoy their work.

So what do you think? 

Did you enjoy your last year of work? 

Did you find it serving your needs? 

Did you discover that you weren’t worried about work/life balance every week? 

Are you wondering if that’s even possible? 

Watch a years worth of KTT at once and you realize pretty much anything is possible. 

If you didn’t exactly hit the mark you were aiming for this year I’m here to tell you that you can NAIL it next year. And you know when next year starts don’t you?